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Alphabet always starts with A followed by B. I may not A… the first but B is where my Journey will Begin…in Digital Marketing :)

my Services

Detailed Oriented person, Organized, hardworking, multitasker, eager to earn, fast learner and technology savvy.

When it comes to working she is dedicated person, reliable, finish the work as fast as she can and deliver it on time with the aim of high quality output.

I can help with…

Graphic Designing

Lead Generation/Data Entry

  • Send daily report about various tasks.
  • Internet research using search engines like Google, LinkedIn and more.
  • Sending, connecting and answering email messages to different prospect.
  • Cold Email Sending Tools (Replyify, Gmass and Apollo)
  • Generate a list of prospects/leads, sales lead list and verified email list with Google drive application.

Facebook Ads Management

I can help you with running Facebook Ads campaign. I will advertise and promote your business, drive traffic, more clicks and improve engagement.

Video Editing

Love creating videos, animation, editing, and transitions that can be used for advertising, YouTube or whatever your purpose is. Check out my works.

Plus Website Designing

Testimonials to add soon…


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