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Alphabet always starts with A followed by B. I may not A… the first but B is where my Journey will Begin…in Digital Marketing :)

year 2021…


The year 2021 had been a struggling and challenging year for me but I find it exciting! It’s a year for upgrading myself to the next level in the digital world. I need to embrace more the power of technology in this generation. Continues learning is the key, plus discipline and perseverance. Technology doesn’t stop upgrading systems and creating new tools and platforms to give the end-users what they need and to satisfy upon using the tools and platforms!

So for you not to get behind in technology you need to keep on learning, read, do research, study it and do it in actual application. These are what I am doing, I spend my free time scrolling and researching through the internet, learn from it and try it. You will never learn without an application. “Experience is the best teacher.”

Because I love technology, I love social media, Digital Marketer is a profession I want to pursue in Digital Marketing World!

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