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Alphabet always starts with A followed by B. I may not A… the first but B is where my Journey will Begin…in Digital Marketing :)

the Beginning

Alphabet always starts with A followed by B. I may not A… the first but B is where I want my career to start with Begin. Building my career in a new Digital Marketing World in this generation…

When I was a child I only have this one dream in my life just to work in an office, doing paper works and some cool kinds of stuff. A very simple dream of a child that is still young in the race of life! When I was in the secondary level year, my dream was upgraded too to the second level, dream of working in an office but with computers:). It was the first time that I met Mr. Bill Gate’s greatest invention, my first time to glimpse the computer. There are Australians who donated 3 to 5 computers I think to our school for faculties I guess or for some important office work or stuff that needs to be done. Because we just grew up in a rural area not in the city back then until the year 1990’s so we’re not introduced yet to technology, I’m not aware of it. The year 1998 it is the time when we moved to a city where my sibling stays when she was studying in college. Also, she’s the one who advised me to study Computer Science because time will come computers will be in demand and indeed she never got it wrong. This is another reason why I took up the course that is related to technology aside from my dream.

I pursue college with the help of the government scholarship program and luckily have the Computer course offered under their program. Getting that scholarship is not easy because I’m not on the list of the granted student in their scholarship program. My mother who is a brave person went to the office and asked if they can give me that scholarship too. She explained that we can’t afford the tuition fee in college because she is the only one who works for us and the way of our living will not support my studies until I finish. My father passed away when I was still in second-grade school and my mother is only selling street food in our town. By God’s mercy, I was given a scholarship and besides, I have high grades too compared to the granted on the list. Thank God their minds were enlightened and I got one too:). I got my scholarship in 1998 and pursue my studies in the computer-related course and graduated with my degree in 2002!

So, this is all were started and why I am into this line of technology. To make the story short, let’s jump in now about how I got into Digital Marketing World!
Before the Pandemic spread the world, I am working in an Electronic company, manufacturing 2.5 SDD disks. I am in a half year of working there but this COVID virus suddenly attacked the World. The company has no choice at that time but to lay off some of the contractual employees and unfortunately, unluckily laid off from their company and lost my job, and have no choice but to stay in my sibling’s apartment, yes I’m just staying with them before. Having only my cellphone I spent my time browsing the internet, reading social media posts, and visiting live streams. And there I met one of my friends and gave some bits of advice on why not to work from home and gave some FB groups to join and places to read about some job openings but I have no idea about working from home and what possible job to get and what will be the right job for me to fit in. I joined free webinars and training about working online and there’s one member in the Facebook group that introduced to me this website program for Digital marketers and said this will help you if you want to work online, you will gain skills and knowledge, start as an apprentice and it will lead you to your desired job in the Digital World! And this is it, I joined this Digital Marketing website Acadium where people with interests in Digital Marketing like business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers, students, and apprentices met, collaborate, work, and help each other.

I joined Acadium August 25, 2021 as an apprentice, working as Data Entry in a travel/tourism/hospitality agency, helping the owner with her task like Data Entry, entering their Client’s information from a Google spreadsheet to their website. Aside from data entry, I help her also some graphic designing and create it in Canva graphics. I enjoyed the task because it is my first doing job online though just an apprentice. I love working in front of a computer, doing data entry job, administrative tasks, and creating designs. I already joined three apprentices my second is more on researching, posting on social media, and designing like ebooks, flyers, post ads, and social media posts. My third one was I worked as a general virtual assistant, including lead generation gathering leads by using lead generation tools and sending emails, data, entry, outsourcing, and of course, designing in Canva graphics like social media posts, post for advertisement, designing proposal templates, landing pages and quiz funnels. And this is where and when my Digital Journey began. I’m working as a part-time Graphic designer and Data entry / Lead Generation Specialist. As of now, I love my working environment but I had lots of struggles too because this is my first time working online, and still learning from it every day and I’m ready for more …


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